Inclement Weather

To find out about school closings due to inclement weather, you should listen to television or radio media. Additionally, Hamilton County Schools will send out a Connect Ed message to the home phone, cell phone, and e-mail addresses you provided this year during registration.

If you have changed your numbers or e-mail address, please call the school office or send a note to your child's teacher so that we may update your information as soon as possible.

Additionally, please remember that school aged child care is usually closed during these ocassions and arrangements will need to be made.

Please remember that once you receive a phone call stating that school will be closing, our school's dismissal will occur approximately one hour following.

For example, if you receive a message or call stating that school will be dismissed at 10:00 a.m., then our school will dismiss at 11:00 a.m. If the call indicates that school will be dismissed two hours early, then dismissal would occur for car riders at 1:05 p.m. and buses as they arrive after 1:05 p.m.

If you choose to pick your child up as a car rider, please come into the main office and your child will be dismissed to you.

However, please be patient as we face a difficult task to attempt to dismiss a large number of students in a short amount of time.

If you have indicated that your child is a car rider and you do not choose to come into the building, please wait in line as usual and we will begin our dismissal at the time you received via message or phone call. (For example, if you were told that school would be dismissed two hours early, we would begin car rider dismissal at 1:05 p.m. If you were told that dismissal would begin one hour early, then students would be dismissed at 2:05 p.m. Please note that should buses be unable to reach your area, you are responsible for picking up your child. Good planning and organization is critical for a smooth and orderly dismissal and the information you provide assures success.

Remember, we may be unable to answer the school phones due to a large amount of dismissals so please make sure the dismissal option you choose is the way your child is to go home.

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