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A1 Welcome to Smith Elementary

A2 Faculty & Staff

School Hours
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B1 School Hours

B2 2016-2017 School Calendar

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C1 Attendance Policy

C2 Make-Up Work

C3 Early Dismissal

School Age Child Care
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D1 School Age Child Care

Extra Curricular Learning
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E1 Field Trips

E2 Homework

E3 Study Skills

Discipline Policy
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F1 Student Discipline Overview

F2 Code of Conduct - Statement of Purpose

F3 Code of Conduct - Conduct Expectations

F4 Code of Conduct - Infractions

F5 Code of Conduct - Rising Expectations

F6 Code of Conduct - Consequences

F7 Code of Conduct - Notification

F8 Code of Conduct - Drugs, Alcohol, & Weapons Policy

F9 Code of Conduct - Zero Tolerance Offenses

Medical Concerns
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G1 Medication Given at School

G2 Automatic External Defibrillator

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H1 Bus Information

H2 Bus Rules

H3 Car Riders

Additional Policies
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Z1 Additional Policy Concerns